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IoT: Verizon Acquires Drone Management Company


Verizon is making moves when it comes to expanding its IoT strategy. The telecom powerhouse recently purchased the drone management company, Skyward, which is a privately held company based in Portland, Oregon. Their main focus is helping companies wirelessly connect by managing commercial drone operations. Verizon’s newly minted Airborne LTE Operations strategy will help companies with the adoption of in-flight wireless connectivity. This is only one way in which the company has been growing their IoT business. Through a series of acquisitions, Verizon has greatly expanded its presence in the IoT space. The carrier also purchased LQD WiFi, a developer of outdoor interactive displays and kiosks for smart city use cases, as well as smart LED lighting provider Sensity Systems. Both of these deals closed in the fall of 2016. Revenue from the Verizon’s IoT business reached nearly $1 billion in 2016. With IoT on the rise, the financial benefits of these acquisitions are immense - and they are continuing to grow.

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