Maximizing Efficiency: The Essential Role Of Liquid Cooling


Kena Johnson Supermicro’s rack scale liquid cooled solutions are designed with the latest CPUs and accelerators from AMD and are essential for powering AI and HPC workloads. Nathan Mallamace from Supermicro discusses how liquid cooled servers not only optimize data center efficiency by reducing power consumption but also enable rapid deployment of dense GPU servers capable of delivering unprecedented computing power. Nathan Mallamace, Manager, Business Development, Supermicro “We have a wide variety of solutions and products that provide a variety of AMD processors in the data center. And our A+ servers with the latest AMD EPYC processors and Instinct GPUs will accelerate AI training.” "So, what we're talking is CPU and GPU, they're all getting hotter. liquid cooling is a 30-year-old technology, but the actual advancements that have been made by Supermicro, and what we're doing for the future in liquid cooling is meant to solve that with and we get higher density over the chip and CPU and GPU.” “Our data center partners are really important to us … Because of how the new data center is changing, we're going to help support liquid cooling from the total solution. So, we're talking rack through the actual liquid cooling tower.” “How Supermicro works with customers to supply a full liquid cooling solution? So, when we're talking from the rack, we're talking PDUs, CDUs and CDMs. Those are really important for the cohesiveness and the total rack scale solution that we're going to help support our clients with.” Kena Johnson In addition, liquid cooling can save a significant amount of OPEX and lead to cost savings and more sustainable operations. To learn more visit the website on your screen. For The Channel Company I’m Kena Johnson. Thank you for joining me.

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