Meet AMD's new Alveo V80 Compute Accelerator Card


Are you or your customers looking for an accelerator for memory-bound applications with large data sets that require FPGA hardware adaptability? If so, then check out the new AMD Alveo V80 Compute Accelerator Card. The thinking behind the new component is that for large-scale data processing, raw computational power is only half the equation. You also need lots of memory bandwidth. AMD’s new hardware adaptable accelerator is purpose-built to overcome performance bottlenecks for compute-intensive workloads with large data sets. AMD says that compared with the previous-generation Alveo U55C, the new Alveo V80 offers up to 2x the memory bandwidth, 2x the PCIe bandwidth, 2x the logic density, and 4x the network bandwidth (820GB/sec.). Appropriate workloads for the new AMD Alveo V80 include: HPC Data analytics FinTech/Blockchain Network security Computational storage AI compute The AMD Alveo V80 is designed to offer a faster path to production than designing your own PCIe card. For FPGA developers, the V80 is fully enabled for traditional development via the Alveo Versal Example Design (AVED), which is available on Github. Supermicro is integrating the new AMD Alveo V80 with its AMD EPYC processor-powered A+ servers.

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