Tech Explainer: Why the Rack is Now the Unit


Are your data center customers still installing single servers and storage devices instead of full-rack solutions? If so, they need to step up their game. Today, IT infrastructure management is shifting toward rack scale integrations. Increasingly, the rack is the unit. A rack scale solution can include just about any standard data center component. A typical build combines servers, storage devices, network switches and other rack products like power-management and cooling systems. The Supermicro team is ready and well-equipped to design, assemble, test, configure and deploy rack scale solutions. These solutions are ideal for modern datacenter workloads, including AI, deep learning, big data and vSAN. Supermicro advertises plug-and-play designs. That means your customers need only plug in and connect to their networks, power and optional liquid cooling. After that, it’s all about getting more productivity faster. Deploying rack scale solutions could enable your customers to reduce or redeploy IT staff, help them optimize their multicloud deployments, and lower their environmental impact and operating costs. Opting for AMD silicon helps increase efficiency and lower costs. Supermicro’s rack scale solutions feature 4th generation AMD EPYC server processors. These CPUs are designed to shrink rack space and reduce power consumption in your customers’ data center.

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