Advance Active Adversary Defenses With New Sophos Firewall


The challenge of defending customers against cyberthreats can be immense. On offense, adversaries continuously adapt and evolve their tactics, techniques, and procedures. On defense, they are looking for new ways to evade detection and stay one step ahead of security teams. To help organizations stay a step ahead of cyberattacks, Sophos announced their highly anticipated Sophos Firewall v20 release. The new firewall software adds Active Threat Response to automatically shut down attacks and block active adversaries from moving across networks, all without having to add firewall rules. The firewall uniquely integrates with Sophos Endpoint, XDR and MDR to automatically respond to any threat or attack identified at the firewall, an endpoint, or elsewhere by a security analyst. The result is an immediate halt in malicious activity, containment of the threat, and easy clean up and investigation. The Sophos Firewall can automatically block traffic from other compromised endpoints that attempt to communicate with any IP addresses associated with the threat feeds. Sophos Firewall v20 also includes an integrated Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) gateway. This zero-touch, zero-trust integration eliminates the need for additional appliance purchases and VM deployments.

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