7 Tips To Help Your Customers Spot A Phishing Attempt


1. Assume Every Email Is a Phishing Attempt Your customers should take a “trust no one” approach when opening email. 2. Check and Verify Email Addresses One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent phishing is to have users check and verify the “From” address of the email. 3. Read Emails Carefully It may sound obvious, however, by carefully reading the email copy, users can typically spot something that seems “off”. 4. Check Grammar and Spelling Poor grammar and misspelled words in an email can be red flags. 5. Look for Your Name Be wary of generic salutations in an email. 6. Watch Out for Emails Containing Unusual Requests Encourage your clients to look for any unusual or odd requests in their emails. 7. Be wary of Links and Attachments The goal of cybercriminals is to get users to click on links or attachments.

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