Gaming as a Service gets a platform boost


Blacknut releases new platform for cloud gaming providers 30 million paying users spent $2.4 billion on cloud gaming services last year. Research firm Newzoo estimates that This data could signal a paradigm shift that challenges traditional digital entertainment, including subscription video on demand (SVOD) and content platforms. Cloud gaming provider Blacknut has partnered with Supermicro and Radian Arc to release a new platform for content providers. Blacknut, Supermicro, and Radian Arc are deploying a fully integrated GaaS platform to capture younger, tech-savvy consumers. The system offers IT hardware solutions at the edge and the core, system management software, and extensive IP. Cloud-based content providers face challenges in providing high-availability, low-latency service. Blacknut's GaaS offering operates on Radian Arc's GPU Edge Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform powered by Supermicro GPU Edge Infrastructure solutions. Flexible GPU servers featuring 6 to 8 directly attached GPUs and AMD EPYC processors create new ways for content providers to quickly roll out their own cloud-gaming products and capture additional market share. Blacknut's new platform for cloud gaming providers offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of providing high-quality cloud-based content.

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