How to Help Your Customers Invest in AI Infrastructure


How to Help Your Customers Invest in AI Infrastructure 10-15% of an organization's IT infrastructure AI will soon represent Organizations that fall short here could also fall short on delivering critical information to the business. This makes on-prem AI data center a viable option. “Every time you run a job on the cloud, you’re paying for it,” says Ashish Nadkarni, general manager of infrastructure systems, platforms and technologies at IDC. You can help by gathering all stakeholders and asking 4 big questions: What are the business challenges we’re trying to solve? Which AI capabilities and capacities can deliver the solutions we’ll need? What type of AI training will we need to deliver the right insights from your data? What software will we need for AI infrastructure? A company with extensive edge computing has different data needs than does one without edge devices. “It’s a matter of finding the right configuration that delivers optimal performance for the workloads,” Finding enough physical space and providing necessary power and cooling is also a challenge. Tech suppliers like Supermicro offer agile, customizable, and scalable AI architectures.

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